Through bolt anchor Atlantis ETA OPT 1

Pin expanders, also known as expander bolts or concrete expanders, are used for fastening in concrete. The expanders are installed in pre-drilled holes according to the illustrations below. Our pin expanders have a Atlantis finish which gives a smoother finish compared to hot-dip galvanising. This in turn makes it much easier to fit the nut.

Contact us for ETA when dimensioning the respective product. Others designs on request.

Fire resistance ETA
TC 3025-10

Abbreviation Explanation
d0 Drill diameter
df Clearance hole diameter Ø
SW Width across flats
h1 Min. drill depth
hnom Min. montagedjup
hmin Min. concrete thickness
hef Effective installation depth
tfix Max. installation thickness
Tinst Tightening torque
Scr Characteristic spacing
Smin Minimum spacing
Ccr Characteristic edge distance
Cmin Minimum edge distance
Dimensiond0 (mm)Tinst (Nm)hmin (mm)h1 (mm)hnom (mm)hef (mm)Scr (mm)Ccr (mm)Smin (mm)Crmin (mm)df (mm)SW