Nordic Fastening Group has a wide range of nuts in a number of different variants, standards and finishes. With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, we can help you choose the right nut for your bolted joint. A customer will sometimes ask for a ‘normal nut’ and say it doesn’t really matter which. But the choice may be more important than you realise.The wrong choice of nut can lead to rust or the part shaking loose - or in the worst case, breaking off.So if you need help with the choice of nut, we will run through questions like:

-Will the nut be exposed to vibrations, damp or great stresses?
- Is the appearance or the price a crucial factor?
- Where and how is the nut to be placed, on a bolt or another threaded fitting?
- Metric or imperial thread?

We advise on and sell fastenings every day, and will be happy help you make a good and confident choice of fittings.