Our reference projects

If you know what you need to hold together, then we know how

Nordic Fastening Group is represented at just about every concrete factory across the length and breadth of Sweden. As a result, our products are embedded all over the place in every environment imaginable. We view our customers as business partners, and treat them all with the greatest respect – large and small alike. This can include basic structures such as suspended foundations or an L-support. However, our products are equally likely to be found in many large, prestigious projects such as Friends Arena and Nya Karolinska in Stockholm, where our lifts and connections are used in both terraces and wall elements.

Our reference projects

Nordic Fastening Group has been involved in some of the Nordic region’s largest and most interesting construction projects over the past decade. Our experience and in-depth technical expertise provides us with unique potential to help our customers identify optimal, secure and efficient solutions for every connection need in their projects.



NFG’s project management and technical team have collaborated closely with the client to develop CE-marked special products for construction of the Kineum building in the Gårda district of Gothenburg.

Kineum will have 27 floors, measure 111 m in height and have an area of 32,000 m2 when the construction is completed in 2022.

Summary of facts

Floors: 27
Height: 111 m
Area/floor plan: 32,000 m2
YEAR 2022



We are grateful for the opportunity to deliver to one of Europe’s largest battery plants – “Northvolt Ett”.
The factory is expected to have a surface area of 100,000 m2 when the project is completed. This is the equivalent of approximately 40 football pitches.

Summary of facts

Area: 100,000 m2
YEAR 2021

Älvbacka Bridge

TASK: Supply of tension rods with strain gauges integrated in the suspension rod system.
REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATION: Requirement specification Bridge Code 2004, product Tension rod system m-connect
SCOPE: 44 tonnes
YEAR: 2010-2011

Tolvmanstegen wind farm

Tolvmanstegen wind farm is located in Strömstad municipality. The wind farm comprises 22 x Vestas V90 with a hub height of 105 metres and a rotor diameter of 90 metres! The estimated annual production of the 22 turbines amounts to 123 GWh, which corresponds to the electricity consumption of approx. 5,000 homes* for one year.

Summary of facts

TASK: Supply of foundation bolts for the installation of wind power turbines
SCREW SYSTEM: Foundation bolt M64 10.9 with impact strength 27 Joule -20°
SCOPE: 1472 x M64 foundation bolts incl. 2 nuts and 2 washers – approx. 80 tonnes of fasteners in total.
YEAR: 2011

*source: energisparwebben.se


The world’s most modern ski jump, Holmenkollen, is located outside of Oslo. The ski jump was officially opened on 3 March 2010. With its 1,000 tonne steel structure, it forms a beautiful silhouette that leaves its mark on the entire area.

Summary of facts

ASSIGNMENT: Delivery of bolted joints. Procedure test of torque and clamping force for optimisation of the bolted joint.
SCREW SYSTEM: EN 14399–3 HR 8.8
SCOPE: Approx. 20 tonnes of fasteners
YEAR: 2009-2010

Friends Arena

Sweden’s new national football arena was completed in spring 2012. With capacity for 50,000 seated guests and up to a total of 65,000 guests at concerts, it is Scandinavia’s first premium arena.

Summary of facts

ASSIGNMENT: Preliminary test of how temperature and the layer of paint on the plate impact on the pre-stressing force in the bolted joints. Procedure test and training of fitters.
SCREW SYSTEM: EN 14399–4 / EN 14399–10 HV/HDR / EN 15048–1/2 SB 8.8
SCOPE: 61,000 screws and 80,000 nuts – approx. 40 tonnes of fasteners in total.
YEAR: 2011-2012

Viared – Kråkered

Suspension rod road bridge, highway 27

NFG supplied CE marked suspension rods for the Swedish Transport Administration’s arched bridge, highway 27, Viared–Kråkered.

The dynamic loads were an important factor for the project.