Property classes for fasteners

Marking of fasteners – a precondition for safety and traceability

To be able to trace and identify the fasteners’ property class and origins, it is necessary for them to be marked according to the regulations specified in the relevant standard.

- ISO 898-1:2013 – Hexagon bolts, socket head screws and studs made of carbon steel or alloy steel

- ISO 898-2 :2009 and ISO 898-6 – Marking of nuts made of carbon steel or alloy steel

- ISO 3506-1 and 2 – Bolts and nuts made of stainless steel

- EN 15048-1 – Non pre-load bolt assemblies

- EN 14399-1 – Pre-load bolt assemblies

It is a requirement that both bolts and nuts be marked with the manufacturer’s trademark when marking with property class is demanded.