We have unique potential to be sure that we are delivering quality – our own control laboratory!

Detailed quality control of fasteners at every stage is our goal.Most of our fasteners and connections are made by suppliers that we have chosen ourselves or in our own factory in Poland.We take care to secure the quality by placing high demands for precision in production and by taking random samples during manufacture.Despite this, variations can occur.How can we ensure that no defective fasteners reach our customers

Quality control in our own laboratory

Our own laboratory plays a key role.We can perform a great many different quality checks ourselves and document the actual properties of the fasteners in each delivery.Using advanced technical equipment and well-trained personnel, we can establish the product’s mechanical properties, dimensions, surface treatment and thread tolerances before the batch is sorted into our warehouse.Other tests included in our quality control are torsional strength, torque and clamping force.For material analyses, e.g. chemical composition, we collaborate with an accredited laboratory.All tests are carried out according to applicable international standards.The equipment is regularly calibrated by an accredited third party.

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