Quality assurance of fasteners and connections

Detailed quality assurance – your security when you purchase fasteners and connections from Nordic Fastening Group

All fasteners and connections that leave Nordic Fastening Group have undergone detailed quality assurance.We do not release anything without having complete control over what we are delivering.And we want you as a customer to feel equally sure about what you are receiving.

Our quality assurance includes:

…general quality control – Nordic Fastening Group is certified in accordance with 9001. This means that we work according to a quality system that guarantees high, even quality in our work and our products.

…that the product satisfies technical specifications in its product standard – The quality assurance means that we perform quality checks at three points:
1) At the producer – Our own staff inspect the fasteners during manufacture.This inspection can take place in the factory or by means of samples being picked out and sent to Kungälv for control.

2) On our premises – When the products arrive in Kungälv, each batch undergoes an acceptance check before it is sorted into the warehouse.A control sample is performed according to a given control order.

3) At the workplace – In order for you to be sure that the joints always have the correct prestressing force, we can carry out a procedure test out at the workplace.During the procedure test we measure torque and clamping force so that the installation tools can be calibrated correctly.

…that the product satisfies the customer’s requirements and expectations – in our laboratory we can test and verify customer-specific wishes.

…documentation & traceability – when the articles have undergone tests during the acceptance check, a control report is written.Careful documentation connected to the marking of the batch allows full traceability, enabling us to pull out technical information about an article many years after delivery.The tests also ensure that the product’s mechanical properties correspond to the technical specifications in the product’s quality document (EN 10204:2005).

…training – We take responsibility for our products, even after they have left us.We are happy to train our customers so that they can select the right fasteners and connections more easily and use them correctly.

What does our quality assurance mean for you?

The application of the quality system, together with our control laboratory, provides us with unique opportunities to document and control the quality of our products from production to warehouse and final delivery to our customers.

We minimise the risk of a defective or inferior product being delivered and installed by mistake.In the event you should receive a complaint in the future, we can trace the fastener and present the technical qualifications for that particular delivery.In other words, you can present documentation demonstrating that the fasteners you have installed were of the right quality.

Our quality assurance provides both us as the supplier and you as the customer with security – we know that the technical requirements and your expectations of the product are fulfilled.