Technology & Quality

Quality assurance from choice of connection to correct installation produces secure structures
Using the right connection or fastener correctly is the basis for a secure structure. In order to do this, you need to know the exact mechanical properties of the connection and what these mean. You also need to be able to install it correctly, so that the joint works as intended.

Quality assurance – documented quality

When you order connections or fasteners from Nordic Fastening Group, you are buying documented quality. In our technical laboratory we are able to check that the connections we supply satisfy the technical specifications in their product standard. Each delivery is accompanied by documentation according to EN 10204:2005, which verifies the quality.

Quality assurance – shared knowledge

We are happy to share our knowledge. This makes it easier for you to choose for yourself or to understand why we are recommending a particular connection or fastener.

On our technical pages you can find general information about mechanical properties and applicable standards. Our training programme provides you with basic knowledge about connections and fasteners. If you want to read even more, you can find interesting articles under publications.

Quality assurance – correct installation

Out at the workplace, we can assist with various kinds of tests and measurements that will help you to work efficiently and with maximum safety. For example, we carry out procedure testing, proofing load testing of installed fasteners and pull-out testing of wedge anchors and injected bars in concrete.
Our quality assurance, alongside our training programme, makes us a secure business partner when you are choosing connections and fasteners. At Nordic Fastening Group we are continuing to create new opportunities to ensure that quality, price, knowledge and documentation exceed your expectations.