Twin-wall starter set

The twin wall - also known as tripple wall, element wall, cavity wall or lattice girder wall - is increasingly being used in all areas of construction. The walls can be individually designed, have physical properties such as in-situ concrete walls and enable fast construction by using precast concrete elements. Element ceilings / semi-finished ceilings can also be produced efficiently with this system. 

Due to the special manufacturing technology, stationary production technology is less suitable for the manufacture of twin walls. For this reason, circulation systems are usually used, but they are very complex and expensive to purchase and maintain. 

The key to the twin-wall market 

With the BETA twin-wall starter set we close the gap between stationary production and circulation systems. The starter set enables you to quickly and effectively get started with double wall production. Use proven components and keep complexity and your investment risk low.

The starter set allows you to set up a production area for twin walls, triple walls, element walls, hollow walls, lattice girder walls or element ceilings / semi-finished ceilings, even where space is limited, e.g. in an existing production hall. The arrangement of the individual components can be adapted to your spatial conditions. The construction of a production line is thus possible with a relatively short lead time.

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