Fabrication and vibration table

For the cost-effective manufacturing of flat precast concrete parts such as ceilings, walls, facade panels and sandwich elements in solid concrete or lightweight concrete. 

BETA fabricating tables and vibrating tables are robust, proven over decades and can achieve very good dimensional accuracy and exposed concrete quality. 

Our formwork sheets are ground until highly polished and have a high level of flatness. Individual tables up to 5 m wide and 20 m long or quad-tables can be coupled on all sides up to 10 m wide and 40 m long. The top part is decoupled from the base frame with rubber springs. Advantages are the very high level of concrete compacting with low noise and minimal costs when transporting the fabricating table. 

Complete manufacturing systems can be delivered with vibration equipment, heating, formwork, magnetic technology, concrete bucket, run-off carriage and mounting equipment.

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