The mechanics of materials according to NFG

OK. We have been completely absorbed by strength. The mechanics of materials may not be your favourite subject (although if it is, you’re going to like this!). Complicated formulae and hard-to-explain concepts that don’t really stick in the memory. But don’t worry! We make it simple.

NFG’s mechanics of materials relate to our business concept, to what we want to give you – security and profitability.

And the formula is simple. It looks like this:
documented technical quality + personal commitment = security + profitability

Join us on a brief lesson about the mechanics of materials according to NFG.

First a definition
Strength refers to the stresses a product can cope with before it breaks. In other words, it relates to selecting a product that satisfies the requirements for a specific situation. By a clear margin.

In our opinion, this is reminiscent of the strength NFG has to demonstrate in order to cope with the demands that our customers, suppliers and staff place on us. Entirely reasonable demands that we want to satisfy. By a clear margin.

Let’s begin with the first variable in the formula: documented technical quality.

Documented technical quality

It’s always nice to have documentation about things that are important. We do. And you can see it.

NFG’s monitoring begins as early as the factory. We check the product’s mechanical properties during manufacture by conducting inspections on site and by taking random samples for testing. Once the batch has reached Kungälv, we can quality-assure the product in our test lab. After this, you will have documentation proving that both the product standard and customer-specific requirements (if there were any) have been satisfied.

With accurately documented technical quality, you will know that the product maintains the right standard for the project, that it is fully traceable and that the risk of you installing a defective article is minimal. Can you see how this affects your security and profitability?

“Documented technical quality delivers security and profitability” Nordic Fastening Group develops, imports, manufactures and sells products for all types of connection requirements in operations such as steel and concrete construction, infrastructure, energy and other industrial areas. We possess a unique potential to quality-assure all our products from a technical perspective in our own test laboratory. The results are followed up with accurate documentation that ensures full traceability.
Business concept: Nordic Fastening Group

Personal commitment

We obviously want to sell our products, but not at just any price. This is where the second variable in the formula comes in – our personal commitment. For us to be able to recommend the product that is perfectly suited to your project – no more, no less – we have to be at least as interested in it as you are. It doesn’t matter if this relates to a basic fastener from our standard range or if we have to manufacture a unique fixing solution for your project.

Personal commitment is present at every stage. Between us and our suppliers, between our employees, between ourselves and our work duties. By training, seeing and listening to each other, we can all develop and feel a sense of personal responsibility for NFG’s strength at the end of the day.

Our personal commitment guarantees that you receive the right recommendations, service when you need it and, last but not least, the right deliveries at the right time. These factors will certainly have a positive impact on your security and profitability, don’t you agree?

And that’s it! We hope that this brief lesson about the mechanics of materials will convince you that we want to build a relationship that can cope with the demands you stipulate. By a clear margin.

Read more in our quality policy here.

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